Selecting the right engineering consultant is critical to meeting your project’s goals. While engineering encompasses a broad field, engineering consultants focus on a single area of expertise. Before selecting an engineering consultant, consider the specific area your business requires assistance in and ask the appropriate questions to make your choice valuable.

At Re:Build DAPR Engineering, we offer a variety of engineering consulting services in several fields of expertise. Here, we will guide you through these services, their expected costs, and common mistakes so that you can select the most beneficial engineering consultant for your needs.

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Choosing the Right Engineering Consultant

Types of Engineering Consulting Services

Re:Build DAPR Engineering has engineering consultants who specialize in several areas of expertise. We offer the following engineering consulting services:

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Re:Build DAPR Engineering also offers specialized engineering services to meet your specific project needs:

  • Product Development: We can guide you through each stage of development, including ideation, concept design, prototyping, and testing.
  • Robotics: We can assist in designing and developing robotics for your applications.
  • Automation: We can streamline your production and manufacturing processes with automation.
  • Mechatronics: We can assist you in designing and developing integrated mechatronic systems, combining mechanical, electrical, and software engineering.


When we have determined the extent of the service your project or application requires, we create an agreement that includes deliverables, fee schedules, and milestones for you to sign before work begins.

Consultant fees are based on the value of the service they provide, in addition to the consultant’s cost to provide the intended services. A well-defined project scope and schedule are essential in accurately estimating the project costs as a lump sum or fixed fee. Consultants can also be paid hourly at an agreed rate, with the hours being tracked and logged. Clerical services (such as specifications, documents, and correspondence), travel, and client-consultant meetings are also billed to the client accordingly.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When selecting an engineering consultant, these are some common pitfalls to avoid and tips to ensure your project is a success:

  • Don’t make decisions solely based on cost. Instead, choose the consultant that can handle the deliverables and scope of work necessary, based on their experience.
  • Don’t assume a large engineering consulting company is always better. They may not have the necessary expertise and resources to meet your specific needs. You should also understand the differences and variety of expertise, knowledge, and experience in the firm’s areas of specialization.
  • Learn as much as possible about the consultant’s prior history. This includes site conditions and certifications.
  • Know the full extent of the services you need. This will save you time and money, as you’ll receive the exact level of service your project requires.
  • Make sure the consultant has sufficient legal understanding. Work with an engineering consultant firm that has a thorough understanding of the necessary environmental requirements, permits, regulations, and legal aspects of the project to deliver a cost-effective solution.
  • Choose a collaborative consultant. They should be able to work as a team internally and incorporate feedback from you throughout every stage of the project.

Why Choose Re:Build DAPR Engineering

With an understanding of Re:Build DAPR Engineering’s areas of expertise, the costs and fees involved in engineering consulting services, and the common mistakes clients make when selecting an engineering consulting firm, you can make an informed decision to ensure a successful project.

At Re:Build DAPR Engineering, we have worked on client projects at every stage in the development life cycle. Our team has completed full machine designs, proofs of concept, alpha and beta production machine builds, and reporting and analysis of flaws in third-party production components. Our engineers can provide the assistance you need to overcome any of your business’s engineering challenges.

Contact us to learn more about our engineering consultant services.

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