At Re:Build DAPR Engineering, we pride ourselves on our engineering process. We treat every automation project as its own challenge deserving of a unique solution, rather than re-using canned designs from previous applications. From a semi-automated work cell to a fully-automated factory line, we provide innovative solutions to meet your needs.

We provide solutions from simple to complex.
We excel where the challenges are high and the room for error is low.


  • Able to work with you along any path to meet your needs
  • We strive to be flexible in our approaches as each customer’s challenge is unique


  • You are a part of our process and team, where we include you in our shared collaboration tools
  • We pride ourselves on constant communication and involvement with our customers in regular design reviews

​​Process Development Experts​​

Process Development Experts
  • With many years of experience, our team works with you to develop a process that can be automated
  • We work to define and optimize each step
  • We understand that each process is dependent upon a robust machine design in order to be effective

Automation Projects​

  • High speed material conveyance
  • Precision Pick and Place
  • Test equipment
  • Robotics
  • Vision inspection
  • Linear and Rotary assembly operations
  • Continuous or intermittent motions
  • Any challenges you may have