As the world’s population increases, the demand for efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly energy generation and storage solutions only continues to grow. Innovative technologies such as energy automation and artificial intelligence in energy and utilities are helping support the energy sector as it strives to digitize and evolve.

While technologies like solar, wind, smart grids, and electric vehicles harness and use clean energy, they are currently more costly to operate and maintain than traditional alternatives. Part of this equation is that the batteries capable of storing solar- and wind-generated energy can prove cost-prohibitive. Energy providers the world over are working to develop creative solutions as utility costs and operational expenses rise alongside customers’ expectations for flawless service and products.

At Re:Build DAPR Engineering, we specialize in innovative engineering solutions to streamline processes, helping our clients cut costs and save time without sacrificing quality in their operations. We design and manufacture custom automation solutions and high-performance industrial equipment so that our clients in fields like energy generation and storage can find a turnkey resolution to their needs.

How Automation Supports the Energy Industry

Automation plays a vital role in diverse industries, of which the energy sector is only one. This market was among the first to incorporate digital and cloud-based technologies into its operations. Automation streamlines processes to boost efficiency, productivity, and production rates while decreasing operational bottlenecks. Automated equipment can achieve lights-out processing for round-the-clock functionality, as well.

Importantly, it enhances quality and consistency by reducing human-machine interaction, resulting in decreased labor needs and the chance of human error. This better enables energy providers to comply with all applicable industry standards. Energy automation devices like robotics deliver reliable, scalable solutions, allowing you to better plan for and handle variations in energy demand or even provide optimized disaster response. Automated solutions also facilitate machinery and process monitoring, enhanced quality control measures, data gathering and processing, and report generation. Digitalization, when it emphasizes mid- and upstream processes, can support an augmented, smart utility.

Energy automation also enhances the client experience. Automating customer service utilizing AI, for example, allows your company to respond faster using advancements like chatbots. You can also provide self-service portals and automate billing, meter readings, onboarding new business, and much more. As part of the digital transformation, automation enhances the energy sector by handling repetitive or programmable tasks, upgrading your business model, and freeing up workers to focus on innovation in your core business.

Benefits of Automation in the Energy Industry

Automation offers many advantages to energy providers, supporting opportunities for growth. Its benefits include the following:

  • Improved quality control in your processes. Utilizing automation reduces the risk of human error and ensures reliable and consistent quality in energy generation, storage, and distribution.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency. By automating equipment and processes, energy providers can effectively streamline their operations, increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced costs. Energy automation can deliver considerable cost-saving benefits by reducing labor and operational costs.
  • Simplified data accessibility. Energy automation grants simplified access to pertinent data in real time, which is critical for effectively and continuously monitoring processes and trends, forecasting demand, and more. This allows energy companies to quickly make adjustments, as needed.


Energy Industry Solutions by Re:Build DAPR Engineering

Re:Build DAPR Engineering is backed by decades of engineering experience, allowing us to offer you invaluable insight, resources, and equipment solutions. We embrace automation, offering everything from partially automated work cells to 100%-automated production lines to ensure that you receive an individualized answer to your unique operational challenge. Our equipment and robots can effectively automate the following processes, among others:

  • High-speed conveyance
  • Intermittent and continuous motion
  • Precision pick and place
  • Rotary and linear assembly
  • Product testing
  • Visual inspections

Contact us to speak with one of our experienced team members today about your options for integrating energy automation into your operation.