What is MagneMotion?

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Magnemotion is an intelligent cart technology that uses magnets to provide incredibly low friction movement. These carts move independently along custom-designed track paths, reducing bottlenecks and increasing output.

Re:Build DAPR Engineering is an experienced MagneMotion integrator and has delivered well-timed assembly processes, efficient material movement, and custom flow paths in constrained environments with our knowledge of the MagneMotion technology.

Re:Build DAPR Engineering possesses the expertise and proficiency required to seamlessly integrate a variety of intelligent conveyance systems. MagneMotion ranks among the best of intelligent conveyance systems. This revolutionary technology is built on various building block tracks that seamlessly configure into custom paths, providing unparalleled flexibility for product handling. MagneMotion grants independent control to each cart, optimizing pathways to reduce bottlenecks and enhance overall output. Thriving in applications demanding non-serial operations and precise material tracking, MagneMotion ensures your processes run smoothly.

Experience constant control and meticulous data logging for each product on the line, eliminating hiccups and guaranteeing a streamlined operation.

Partner with Re:Build DAPR Engineering, your trusted MagneMotion integrator. We specialize in delivering custom tracks that optimize material movement in constrained environments. Through extensive collaborations with Rockwell and industry experts, we’ve proudly installed some of the world’s largest MagneMotion assemblies, including an 8,000 sqft cutting-edge facility in Boston, MA.