Tim Leblanc

Operations Coordinator

Tim is an Operations Coordinator here at Re:Build DAPR Engineering Nashua, having first been hired as a contract in the summer of 2020 as a technician. Tim served in the US Air Force as an electrician, and prior to that went to East Coast Aero Technical School. He also has an A.S. in Aviation Science. He has spent time as an airframe and powerplant mechanic and has also restored antique aircrafts. Over the past 40 years, Tim has experienced many different roles throughout his career: Assembler, Technician, Group Leader, Program Leader, Manufacturing Engineer, and even Sales.

For fun, Tim enjoys golf, hiking, home improvement projects, and gardening. Tim’s additional affinity for singing and playing guitar come through into Tim’s work- he can commonly be heard cheerfully singing as he travels about the office.