Kurt Joudrey

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Kurt is a Principal Mechanical Engineer at Re:Build DAPR Engineering in Nashua, NH. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University.

During his tenure at Waters Corporation, Kurt spent 16 years designing and developing cutting-edge liquid chromatography equipment. His expertise ranged from designing low-flow high-pressure pumping systems to managing the Detector Group, where he focused on optical detectors for chromatography applications. Kurt’s experience extended to Desktop Metal, where he led the design of a groundbreaking production-scale 3D metal printing system. Tasked with developing an automated, fully inert, high-speed bidirectional 3D metal printer, Kurt oversaw all aspects of the printer’s design, from concept to production.

Outside of his engineering pursuits, Kurt enjoys spending quality time with his family, engaging in hands-on projects like working on cars and his house, and immersing himself in outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and numerous sports. He’s also a large fan of candlepin bowling, having been a dedicated member of a league for the last 23 years.