Fraser Tibbetts

Program Manager

Fraser graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in Finance and Economics. His lifelong passion for technology inspired him to begin his career at Forrester Research in Cambridge, MA. As a software analyst focused on sales acceleration tools, he worked on reports and advisory projects used by executives at Fortune 500 companies to inform investment decisions.

To learn more about the practical use of these products, he started working for a manufacturing operation in Nashua, NH producing high-power microwave devices. He implemented a CRM system there and became the technical sales lead and project manager for the industrial microwave business. He later assumed the role of Director of Marketing and, with the help of an internal team of inside sales and marketing professionals, successfully restructured the go-to-market strategy. Following the successful sale of the business, he became the General Manager of the newly formed Industrial Microwave Systems division.

Fraser joined Re:Build DAPR Engineering Nashua in 2021 to serve as an Engineering Manager and has since graduated to being the Program Manager. He also contributes to project management, business development, and quality systems. He enjoys golf, no matter how many swings it takes, and mountaintop views experienced while hiking or skiing. He appreciates good storytelling, regardless of the medium, and enjoys being out on the water.