Eric Brown

Principal Mechanical Eng.

Eric began working for Re:Build DAPR Engineering Nashua as a contractor in 2020 and was hired as a Senior Mechanical Engineer in late 2021. He earned a B.S. and PhD in Mechanical Engineering at MIT in 1993 and 2003, and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1995. Eric started his career at Draper Laboratory where he worked on classified projects for the US Navy and DoD and specialized in the packaging design for high acceleration launch and ground penetration. He also worked in the fields of GPS-aided inertial navigation, MEMS inertial instrumentation, precision machining, and near-field photonics. He was a Draper Fellow while completing his PhD. In 2006 Eric was part of a small team at Draper that proved out the concept of enhanced photon flow at sub-micron gap spacing and spun off the technology into a new company. He helped grow MTPV over the next 14 years, where the techonology was used to recover high temperature thermal energy using low bandgap photovoltaics, in industries such as glass and steel. In the process Eric has published 10 papers and has attained 7 patents in diverse fields such as wing-warping aircraft, inertial sensors for vehicles, and multi-cell thermophotovoltaics.

In his spare time Eric likes to play tennis, bicycle, shoot pool, and listen to live music.