Devin Crowe

Mechanical Engineer
Devin is a Mechanical Engineer at Re:Build DAPR Engineering, located in Nashua, NH. Devin holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology, which he completed in 2023. Before joining Re:Build DAPR Engineering full-time, Devin previously completed a mechanical engineering co-op at DAPR, gaining insight into the company’s operations. Additionally, he served as an assistant project manager for a construction company, honing his project management skills during both roles. Outside the world of engineering, Devin is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys hiking, camping, and a variety of outdoor activities. In the winter, you’ll find him hitting the slopes on his snowboard. Devin also has a passion for martial arts, particularly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s on a mission to conquer all the high peaks of New England, showcasing his determination and love for adventure.