David Schroeder

Business Unit Lean Mgr.

David joins Re:Build DAPR Engineering in Nashua, NH as the Business Unit Lean Manager. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from UNH and an MBA with a concentration in Operations from Bryant College. Prior to joining Re:Build DAPR Engineering, David worked in various industries, contributing his skills and knowledge to esteemed organizations like Norden Systems, Pfizer, Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron/Sotax, Edare, Moveras, Metter-Toledo Thornton, and Tecomet. With his experience in military applications, Class 3 implantable medical devices, pharmaceutical test equipment, small run production, remanufactured automobile transmissions, process analytical instrumentation, and medical implant trays, David brings a diverse perspective to his role. His commitment to Lean improvement in the workplace led to David having an article published regarding 5S Audit philosophy in the April 2023 issue of Quality Progress Magazine, the publication of the American Society of Quality (ASQ). ‘Leveling The Field: Benefits of a 5S Audit Program’ focuses on using 5S audits to enhance company culture.

Outside of work, David indulges in a range of hobbies and activities that fuel his passion for exploration and creativity. He finds joy in cooking (and of course, eating!), as well as gardening, where he cultivates his own vegetables and fruit. In his spare time, he also enjoys the art of candle making. As an outdoor enthusiast, David has a passion for hunting and has even had the exciting experience of being chased by a bull moose. As a testament to his adventurous spirit, David holds a private pilot’s license (though not currently active) and has even applied to be a contestant on the popular reality show Survivor. Furthermore, he loves trying new foods from around the world.