Andranik Yeremian

Principal Engineer

Andy is an experienced Principal Mechanical Engineer at Re:Build DAPR Engineering Monrovia with an extensive background in various industries. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Azad University of Tehran in 1999. Andy has worked for over 5 years in aerospace, space, defense, and military industries designing and developing complex mechanisms, enclosures, and automated systems. He has also designed, developed, and tested all camera support equipment for motion pictures for over 8 years. These items invlude telescoping cranes, camera cars, dollies, and remote controlled camera gimbals. Additionally, Andy has over 10 years of experience in machine design for industrial, mass-production, automotive, elevators, and consumer applications. Andy is also knowledgeable in CNC programming, tool design, management, and running machines, and he also has experience in rebuilding and repairing machines.

In his spare time, Andy enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, reading, and listening to music. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and spending time with friends and relatives.